Hello, friend.

I’d have preferred to introduce myself face-to-face, over a cup of tea (or a cup of coffee if coffee is your cup of tea.) Even as an introvert, sharing my stories in person is easier for me than writing the emotional equivalent of a blank check and handing it over to an untested and unknown audience.

But some of my greatest companions and greatest loves — C. S. Lewis, Jon Foreman, Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, David Platt, Henri Nouwen, even my beloved Immanuel — are people I’ve never met in person and likely never will on this side of eternity. And yet these are the voices that have spoken the greatest truths over my life.

I don’t know how you happened upon this site — maybe I know you, maybe I don’t — but if you decide to stay and listen, soon enough you will know me. I hope that the stories you find here will resonate within your soul, rather than just adding to the noise in your life. We each have so many voices speaking into our existence, and rarely do we stop to consider whether or not they have earned that privilege.

To those who have chosen to bestow this honor on me, I thank you. It is my hope that these words I share will be a blessing and encouragement to you who find them.

❤️ B.